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Adventures of Captain Wrex

(2016 - present)

Art & Story: Denis Belair

Wrex is the captain of a team of relic hunters. They go to dangerous planets, find rare valuables and sell them for profit. The problem, however, is Wrex is wreckless- he sees no problem sacrificing his crew for some minor profits.


Follow his latest story as he attempts to steal treasures from a tribe of aliens and witness the Captain see how his past actions will lead him into a place of dim hope.


Al was a fighter pilot for the Red Fleet, the best of his squad the story goes. But when a mysterious substance got in contact with his eyes, he was never the same again. Due to vision damage, he was forced to leave his squadron. Now a joke for the other pilots, he finds himself as a regular at an old, worn-down drinking hole.


Follow his adventure as he tries to get back to his old ways by means of an eye surgery that is not only extremely illegal but also has a grand risk of failure...


Hobo in Space

(2016 - present)

Art & Story: Luc Sanchangrin

Among the Ranks


Art & Story: Denis Belair

When the staff of a bank get an unexpected visit from a pirate crew, they must deal with their unwanted visitors as well as the secrets that are hidden within the walls of the structure.


What will happen when a regular day at work turns to pure chaos?


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